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High Flier is a podcast that explores business topics that pertain to the female entrepreneur. Recognized by Entrepreneurial World Magazine as the 2019 podcast of the year for female entrepreneurs, each episode of High-Flier includes an interview with an expert or a successful businesswoman and explores new technologies, tools, trends, and tips to keep female entrepreneurs informed.


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Ethical selling during a pandemic


Work-from-home Chaos Survival


Interviewing for a Remote Job


Season 4, Episode 12 • November 10, 2020

Ethical selling during the pandemic

Is your business making a profit during the pandemic? Or, are you on the other side of the spectrum facing a downward trajectory of sales? In this episode, we take a look at how small businesses are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic and explore ways in which businesses have pivoted to selling in-demand products, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), to survive.

Special Guest: Tiffany Moore, owner of Rockford Heights Sports Equipment and author of Shifting Perspective: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Success.

Season 4, Episode 11 • October 20, 2020

Working from Home: Chaos Survival

For many businesswomen, the month of October marks seven months of telecommuting for work. In this episode, we explore how women are managing the added stresses associated with working from home, and we take a look at how to combat fatigue in healthy ways to ensure your entrepreneurial mind stays sharp.

Special Guest: Dr. Pamela Johnson, family psychologist

Season 4, Episode 10 • September 29, 2020

Remote Job Interviews

Are remote job interviews different from in-person interviews? In this episode, we dive into the online interview process. How can you ensure that your online interview goes smoothly? How should you dress? What equipment should you utilize? How should you set up your office? All the answers to all of you biggest questions.

Special Guest: Gale Lindstrom, author of Me, Myself, and I: How to Interview for a Job

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