How to Switch
Career Paths

Why do hundreds of thousands of individuals choose to slog from one workweek to the next with the same employer? The answer is simple: many people do not believe they have the power, capability or energy to switch trajectory. The first step toward transitioning to a new career involves realizing a clear vision of where you want to be. This course helps you lay a solid foundation of visions and goals so that you can create an overall plan to help you reach your desired destination.

4 video tutorial lessons + 25-page interactive workbook + expert advice




There’s a widely held belief that good entrepreneurs make lousy managers. In my experience, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Many entrepreneurs enjoy managing both the business side of a company as well as the employee side. This online course is designed to help you—the entrepreneur—become a better manager. Learn how to turn goals into actionable items, keep a team engaged with the business, and communicate more openly and freely with employees.

6 video tutorial lessons + 42-page interactive workbook + interviews with female managers from around the world


The One-Stop Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is using the internet to reach customers. Sure, traditional marketing such as print ads or communication over the phone still exists, but in today’s fast-paced internet-savvy world, digital marketing is the vital lifeline for your business and its brand awareness. This extensive online course examines the importance of digital marketing and explores various strategies to help you see success in all your digital marketing efforts.

8 video tutorial lessons + 37-page interactive workbook + an in-depth look at successful digital marketing from female-owned companies + expert advice and interviews.


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